Sleep as aphrodisiac

My post yesterday on Yoga vs. Sleep got a nice number of likes on it, and I started thinking about how deeply I regard sleep now that I am in the habit of receiving more of it. So I think I may write daily short post about other benefits I’ve seen for the next few days. I hope my readers can reflect in the comments on their own “sleep experiments” and whether they notice the same effects.

Sleep works better than wine, better than Prozac and it has no adverse side effects! Start getting more sleep and you will be pleasantly surprised when you have more inclination to get cozy with your honey. Now that it is beginning to get darker sooner in the evenings here in Minnesota, I am making a commitment to getting more sleep, and enjoying more quality time with my husband. I have been married only a month, so it seems fitting, no?

Sleepy feet

A quick search of the research on sleep and sex revealed some interesting articles like one from CNN entitled: Want more Sex? Get more sleep. Want more Sleep? Have more sex. It was written in June 2017. Clearly this is a hot topic for many, and I believe it is probably because it is something we desire, and something many of us struggle with. There are many things we can do to help enhance our ability to wind down and I have been experimenting with these as a person who periodically experiences insomnia, despite a renewed commitment to getting more and better sleep regularly.

I am not a physician and I encourage you to consult one if you struggle with this. My personal experience that, if I am not sleeping well, I am not in the mood for sex. It’s pretty obvious, perhaps, and something I suspect many people struggle with. But it is a reinforcing virtuous cycle if good sleep leads to good sex, and vice versa, focusing on one improves the other. And since good sex generally relies on two people, but good sleep is more reliant on the behavior of one person, it probably makes sense to focus on getting good sleep first if your sex life sucks.

If better sleep does not improve your sex life, then there are probably other factors going on. I am not a relationship counselor, so I will not speculate on that portion. Again, consult a professional if there are other issues. But I encourage you to try sleep first as an aphrodisiac if you want to get a little more – ah! – in your relationship.

Keeping this post short & sweet today since I will work on co-creating a workshop on design thinking and the Medici effect with a colleague this morning. Let me know how things are going, and if I should keep going with my daily series for the next few days on sleep. Cheers, peeps! 

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