Renewal and reconnection

I have returned for another team meeting to realize (once again) that in person connection tends to renew my spirit and my ability to continue moving forward in a role that I often find difficult. My team members are good people, kind people, and I like them on a personal level. Even though we go out to dinner WAY too late for my taste and I end up sleep-deprived due to the much later schedule while I am here, I am grateful to reconnect with my colleagues.

While I know I will have to make some difficult choices in the future, and I will need to move on to a role that is more sustainable, it really is nice to be part of a team that looks out for one another. Latino culture is very family-oriented and relationship-oriented. In my last 10 years of working in this department, I certainly have expanded my view of the cultural significance of relationships.


Growing up in the Midwest I realize that sometimes we are more insular in the way we embrace our family but (somewhat) distrust outsiders. But while I am more “minnesotana” than “mexi” most of the time, my colleagues have embraced me as part of their tribe. They have welcomed me into this “work family” and I am so grateful to have had the privilege to be part of this team.

While it does not change my intention to move to a different role in 6-12 months, it does give me renewed purpose toward the meeting ahead. It reminds me that I want to make development a priority and make sure I am delivering on my commitments to my team.



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