We are on the final day of our 2.5 day team meeting in Miami. The first day was skills development, the second day was partnerships and today we will do some reflection and some re-assessment of priorities. Hopefully we can write out some commitments before we leave for our home offices and develop some check-in points for the next 6 months left in our fiscal year.

I have seen some very engaged discussion and participation within this team and I am grateful to have reconnected. I found out today that I was not selected for the Leadership Development Facilitator position I applied for at my company, ironically enough. But this is actually what I am doing already on my team, in many ways. I realize I will need to re-commit myself to the next phase of work, while I ready myself for a new role in 6-12 months. I will do the “homework” needed to get me there, while remaining in a role where I provide coaching and leadership where I am now.


I commit to bring my best self to the work every day, even as I consider what is the next step along the path. I also commit to expressing my truths and speaking up when I disagree as well as accepting when I do not have the final word on decisions. That last part presents the biggest challenge to me, of course. But life has a way of helping us develop resilience through our experiences. If it were all easy, we would not grow as human beings. But we do grow, and I look at this as an opportunity to exercise my patience, and increase my resilience. It will all serve me, in the end, whether I see the exact path or not.


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