Fun with WordPress formats

This week I am experimenting with different WordPress formats. It is surprisingly easy to build a website on WordPress because the templates for layouts are super easy to use. You can import custom graphics and manipulate the widgets for pages very easily.

Even though this is not intended to be an ad for their service, you seriously want to check out what they have to offer if you have ever considered starting a blog or launching a web site.

I may change it up now and then to see how the different elements enhance the overall readability of my site. I appreciate it if you message me and let me know what you think as I figure out the “tech” side of this creative endeavor.


5 thoughts on “Fun with WordPress formats

    1. Oh I have! I continue to adapt it as I “play” with different formats. I have been writing every day since October 1st. I am less concerned with the formats and more focused on the content. But it is fun to play, isn’t it? 🙂


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