Happy winter solstice

Hello Friends,

I am working my way through a head cold that has arrived to slow me down a bit for the season (in case an emergency appendectomy was not enough for me to get the message). So I am taking a little break from a more substantial blog today.

Instead I am embracing Winter Solstice, that darkest day of the year just before we gradually start getting a tiny bit more light each day. I will focus today on gratitude and the fact that everyone in nature works in cycles. Darkness and light. Yin and Yang. Rest and activity. Sickness and health.

I have been reflecting quite a lot on the past year and what my hopes are for next year. I feel like I learned a tremendous amount about myself and enjoyed significant personal and professional growth. My daily meditation practice, at 320 consecutive days now, continues to guide and sustain me through the ups and downs of life.

I have practiced working as a team with my husband since our decision to set a date in February and our beautiful wedding in September. I really appreciate all of the wonderful gifts he brings to our relationship. I look forward to seeing how our partnership enhances both of our lives in the coming years.

Enjoy your solstice, friends. I hope it is a time for reflection and grace for you and your loved ones.




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