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I am late to get this blog post started this morning because I had a wild dream last night and I was capturing it before it was lost into my handwritten journal.

The night before last I had insomnia and only slept ~90 minutes. Last night I had a most juicy night of sleep, 10.5 hours. Of course, nights when I sleep deeply and well I tend to dream. Since dreams are a way that our subconscious works and processes what we are struggling with in our waking lives, sometimes they hold interesting keys when we remember them and interpret them. 

Or at least that’s what I am telling myself. I had a therapist once who wanted me to write down my dreams and tell her about them. She was a little “kooky” – there is no other way to describe her. But I think I got something from our 6 months of work together. The dream work kind of creeped me out though, and I never agreed with her interpretations, which were probably more about her than about me.

This particular dream had to do with a friend who entrusted me to give away some money to a list of people, mutual friends. At one point I questioned him (he was somehow there, and yet gone in the dream, perhaps deceased, but appearing to me in spirit…?) about why he had chosen ME for this particular task. It was hard, I told him. Some of these people I am no longer in contact with; why did he ask ME to do this thing?

money dreams
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Of all the people he knew, I was the only one he trusted to do the right thing with the money. If somehow a friend could not be located there was a charitable organization he had listed that would get the remainder of the money. (Let’s set aside the weird portion that I cannot understand at this point – the money was all in Russian currency).

This is really interesting and ironic to me, because I’ve been working on my “money dream” as part of my coaching work. One thing I have struggled with is my own self-trust when it comes to money. I want to take care of it well, and do things for my long-term well-being (and my husband’s) when it comes to money. And yet I do not entirely trust myself, since I have made some big mistakes in the past.

What this dream seemed to offer me was an affirmation. “You’re the only one I trust to do the right thing,” this friend said to me. When I consider that, in light of the doubts I have had about money, I am choosing to interpret this to mean I can trust myself when it comes to these decisions. Even though I have made some mistakes, I am learning from them. I am being much more open with my husband about my worries, fears and doubts, and we are working our way through these big decisions together.

I feel oddly comforted by this interpretation, and by its effect on my body in releasing stress. I can trust myself. I have learned from the past. I will do the right thing. Ahhh.

Does interpreting dreams ever do this for you? Does it bring you some comfort with an issue that’s been plaguing you? 




2 thoughts on “Subconscious work – money dream

  1. I love thinking about dreams and trying to figure out what they mean! I think you’re right here, that you can and should trust yourself, and that all your work and concentration on money has not been for naught. It’s nice to be validated, especially by our subconscious. Strangely enough, I had a rather peculiar dream last night too. I dreamed that a group of people broke into my apartment while I was sleeping (in the same apartment…) and had a party. I awoke to shot glasses littering the kitchen, spilled drinks, and my front door literally off its hinges. I remember feeling resigned, like it was somehow my fault that they’d found my apartment. Any ideas on a meaning for this one?! haha

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    1. Hmm, that’s an interesting one!! I do not know what that means, but a Freudian interpretation might be that you are being very good, orderly, etc in managing your life. But maybe there’s a “shadow” side of yourself that wants to just have fun & party some time. For me, someone who has been a “good girl” my whole life, sometimes I don’t allow my self-indulgent side to come out. But the fact that I married someone who can be a bit of a “bad boy” and drives a motorcycle maybe fulfills those ideals of freedom that I never seemed to have kind of makes me wonder.

      I really have no idea, and no training about this. Here’s what a good counselor would say: What do YOU think it means? LOL 🙂

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