Light, buoyancy and relief

Yesterday I got the news that the Senior Program Manager job I interviewed for was offered to another person. I was initially disappointed, since I saw it as an escape from the present role, which I will leave by August, regardless of what is next.

But then my body started feeling light, buoyant and happy at the thought of NOT taking on a super heavy commitment to learn a new job over the summer. I started realizing I can fully enjoy my vacation in June knowing that I will not be trying to prepare for a new job or transitioning out of the previous role. Tension leaving the shoulders and stomach…

light and relief.JPG
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Ah, pay attention to your body when it gives you these signals, my friends. It will tell you what you need to know.

Love and happy weekend,


3 thoughts on “Light, buoyancy and relief

  1. Hi Cristy! Sorry to hear you were not offered the job, but as you say, on the other hand what a relief! It’s interesting how sometimes when a previously appealing option opens up to us, it turns out it wasn’t right after all – and it’s only through that very process that we are able to discover it wasn’t right. What an interesting learning experience. Enjoy that lightness!! 🙂

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  2. Hi there, I’m glad you pleased with the outcome and it’s lovely to be able to look forward to a stress-free summer. I loved what you said about your body reflecting your true feelings! Lxx

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    1. Well, there will be the “regular” stress of my current job, and figuring out what’s next, but at least not that unrelenting “corporate” stress of constantly being scrutinized and pressured. So I’ll say it’s a win! 😉

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