Chocolate and waffles?

On Saturday I will leave for a work trip to Belgium for the upcoming week. I will spend a day in Brussels before heading to La Grande Abbaye de la Ramee for meetings.

All I know about the Belgians is that they make the best chocolate in the world. My husband argues that the Swiss make the best chocolate, but I am pretty sure I am right on this one. 😉

The other thing I know about the Belgians is that they invented the Belgian waffles, which I also enjoy. I do not eat waffles so much these days, since cutting down the flour and sugar seem to help my brain chemistry.

I think they have really good beer too. Too bad I do not drink anymore…

Have you ever been to Belgium? What did you like most? Any advice if I have only a Sunday and perhaps a Friday to sight-see?

I appreciate your advice as I get my packing list together. Cheers, friends!

belgian waffle
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4 thoughts on “Chocolate and waffles?

  1. Hope you enjoy the trip, Cristy! I’ve never been to Belgium (although I have been to quite a few nearby countries). Since I’m half German, I have childhood memories of Europe involving lots of chocolate, Haribo, pretzels and jam doughnuts. I’m the same as you nowadays, though – sugar and white flour are out, so I’ll probably have to focus more on sightseeing than the gastronomic side of things when I eventually go back! Safe travels to you. 🙂

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  2. Hi Cristy, I’ve just come back from Bruges – don’t know if you’ll get to visit there but it was beautiful. I think the chocolate is definitely worth trying! We had a lovely experience – lovely, friendly people, great food and a very relaxed atmosphere. Hope you have a fantastic time, Lxx

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