Saturday Share

This week’s Saturday Share mention goes to Minimal-Lol, who had a beautiful post on the Make More Meaning blog this week on “a more meaningful life.” I also really enjoy the topics she explores. I am an aspiring minimalist but currently more LOL than minimal.

minimal lol

Full disclosure: we were both asked to contribute guest posts to Stephanie’s Make More Meaning blog. Stephanie is a community builder, can you tell? So she deserves this second mention on my blog as well. She teaches music, so I am sure this is a busy time of the year for her.

For me, it’s the test-run of our motorcycle camping gear before our 12-day trip to South Dakota and Wyoming to start on June 9th… I am thinking I may need to line up some guest posts so I can take some vacation from the writing once in a while when I am offline. I know y’all would forgive me if I stopped bombarding your email boxes daily, but you know, OCD pairs nicely with ADD. And all of it can lead to anxiety if you are not careful. Another LOL! 😉

Happy weekend! Don’t cause too much trouble out there, and get some time outside instead of hanging out in front of your screen!

One thought on “Saturday Share

  1. Hi Cristy, thank you so much for the shout-out – it was very kind indeed. Kudos indeed to Steph over at Make More Meaning. Her Meaningful May was a great series and I was delighted to be a part of it. Continued success with your own lovely blog and enjoy your trip. Lxxx

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