Saturday Share: cat h. bradley

Hello and happy weekend, readers and blogosphere.

Today I want to share a link to a favorite blogger, cat h. bradley. She is a writer, traveler “fooder”, yogi and runnin’ fool, per her description. We share interests in body image issues, consciousness, living a good life, among many other topics. I invite you to check out her work as I ready myself for a favorite Saturday yoga class.

cat h bradley snip
Check out her site HERE.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Share: cat h. bradley

  1. Aww! This is the sweetest lady– I did not even realize. Thank you!! I feel so fortunate to have found your blog and in it a lady who is like minded but also challenges me and broadens my perspective! Very grateful to have you in my blogosphere!
    PS–Perhaps I need to change my tagline–it’s supposed to come across as “foodLOVEer” with the heart. Let me know if it does not, perhaps I need to tinker ;). Thanks again for this, SO much! x

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