Saturday share – Eating Alone — Longreads

I really enjoyed this piece from Longreads.  Of course, it’s on a theme I enjoy contemplating. It made me want to dine alone in public now and then, even though I have little objection to room service when I am traveling alone.

We’re eating alone more often than in any previous generation. But why should a meal on our own be uninspired? Why shouldn’t the French saying “life is too short to drink bad wine” still apply?

via Eating Alone — Longreads

3 thoughts on “Saturday share – Eating Alone — Longreads

  1. When eating alone in public, what should one do (other than enjoying the meal)? People- watch, “play” on phone, read a book, write on laptop…I’ve seen people do all of these, but I have issues with each. I don’t want to be seen as staring while people watching, I’m not a “play on phone” kind of person, and I have trouble concentrating on a book or writing in a noisy setting or with a lot of people around. What’s considered to be socially acceptable, I’m wondering…

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    1. Hi Becky. I have thought about this as well. I enjoy people watching, though one has to be subtle to do this well without appearing to stare. I used to bring a journal or notebook with me if I were dining in a cafe alone. Then I could “work” or think or take notes in between actual service of the beverage or the meal. Other than that I would immerse myself in enjoying the food slowly, and try to worry too much about others’ perceptions. There is an art to it though, and I don’t like to be “that person” who is unable to detach from her phone. I notice that a lot as well, but I think that is a poor substitute for being more present during a meal.

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