Can I ask you a favor?

My Friends,

Hubby and I are planning our September vacation/honeymoon trip to the U.K. and I would like to ask your advice if you either live or have traveled to England and Ireland.

From September 5-19 we will be traveling. We have already reserved AirBnB’s in London (St. James Park), Plymouth (with day trip to Cornwall planned), Wiltshire (close to Stonehenge), and Liverpool. We are hoping to fly from Liverpool to Dublin for 3-4 days there and then will return to London for a couple of days before the final flight home.

London by night
Photo credit link – London by night


What is the train transportation like? Is it better to just buy the Rail Europe passes to use the trains? What about the Oyster card? That seems like a great deal for getting around London.

While in Ireland, we hope to visit Belfast and Londonderry (where my husband’s family originated). Any advice on things to do in Ireland for non-drinkers? Not that we never drink, but we are not especially into it, and I like historical things, but am not particularly interested in breweries.

Other transportation advice while we are in the area or suggestions for what to visit are welcome. My grandfather was from Cornwall, so we would like to see that Southwestern part of England and perhaps see Land’s End as well.

I know that a number of my readers are from the U.K. and surrounding areas. Hey, if it’s possible, let’s meet for tea while I am in your area! It would be fun.

Thank you in advance for any advice you are willing to give us. I realize some of this can be located on the googles, and I will be doing research that way as well. But sometimes people can give you the inside scoop and that is infinitely more helpful.



6 thoughts on “Can I ask you a favor?

  1. Yes get an Oyster card when in London and you can top it up either at the station or nearby shops. It’s more cost effective and you can use the bus with it too! And have a great trip btw x


  2. Hi Cristy, what a brilliant trip to take, especially when it will be a bit of a honeymoon as well! I thought Julie’s comment above was spot on about the Giant’s Causeway – it has to be seen to be believed – and not a brewery in sight! Like Julie, I don’t take the trains in the UK too often – my limited experience is that they are great, clean, run on time but can be pricey. I have heard nothing but good things about the Oyster card but generally the Tube system in London is terrific – very easy to get around. If you are in London and are having a tea-party, do let me know – I could jump on a train myself and try and meet you! Have a wonderful time, Lxx

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    1. Thank you!! I will look up the Giant’s Causeway and we will make it a plan to visit. I would love to meet up for tea, that would be lovely! I will reach out with some contact information offline so we can maybe exchange WhatsApp contact info. Thank you for your kind offer! It would be fun to meet in person. I am so curious about the lovely people I have met via WordPress – truly a gift if we are able to connect in real life!

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  3. What? No visit to Norfolk? Was it something I said? I’m not great with trains so I can’t help you out there, although I suspect an Oyster card for the tube is a good idea. Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is meant to be stunning and I don’t think you can go wrong with any part of Cornwall – it’s all beautiful. Sounds like a fantastic trip!

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    1. Ah, you live in Norfolk! I had to look it up in my guidebook as my geography knowledge is a bit spotty. It looks like a lovely area – aren’t we blessed at the world’s abundance of places we want to visit and experience?

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