Accessing your dreams

Lately I have been getting more regular and deeper sleep. I have made a commitment to allow my subconscious to work on things for me while I am in dreamland.

It can be a very incredible thing to write down my dreams, and consider what they are telling me. Since I no longer use an alarm to wake up, and tend to drift awake naturally, I remember my dreams so much more often. I am pretty convinced I am accessing a more intuitive part of my consciousness. It is really fascinating. But some of them need a little more processing before I share them here. 😉

Do you write down your dreams? What are they telling you? 

imagine and dream.jpg

Happy weekend, all.

2 thoughts on “Accessing your dreams

  1. I’ve written down a few outstanding dreams and later turned them into stories. Many times thinking that SURELY I’ll remember a dream after fully waking, I even go through the details in my mind, but still forget them later in the day. Your post is a good reminder for me to resume the practice of getting those down on paper! I seem to have mainly gotten past those school/work dreams and now seem to be thinking more about important people and places in my life, with some unresolved issues creeping into the mix.

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    1. It’s pretty fascinating when we track it over time. I am keeping my journal close to my bed these days so I can record as soon as I wake. Somehow it’s reassuring to me that our consciousness is always “on” and it just changes into a different mode when we sleep. Makes me more eager for sleep because I used to think it was unproductive to spend too much time on it. 🙂

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