Post eaten

Hi folks,

My blog post I was writing last night appeared to be “eaten” by WordPress. It would not save and it would not post. And this morning, it is clear that it is lost. Ah well. Not all words are precious. There are more to be found and generated.

dog eating paper.JPG
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But that is okay. Pauses happen. Life does not always flow along without any glitches. Systems fail, and flat tires happen. The quality of our lives is determined by how well we accept and stay with the circumstances of our lives, rather than add suffering by wishing things had not happened.

Acceptance is the first step toward equanimity.

Hope you have a great day and week!

8 thoughts on “Post eaten

      1. Yeah I don’t wanna too & it’s kinda a very complicated one (editor) – with the blocks, so in general not so easy copy-paste posts as before. I’m usually writing in Pages & then simply paste into wp but now it’s IMPOSSIBLE LOL 😂
        LOTS OF features in the new editor. Not sure who needs them & most important how to use them 🙂
        Welcome lolz 😆


      2. Plus my API (don’t know what it is …so don’t ask) doesn’t work. I dont know how to fix it. I honestly tried for 2 hrs this morning.
        That means I often can’t comment or like.


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