Single-minded focus

It is an unusual Sunday for me when I do not have a blog topic enter my consciousness and then start writing. But at the moment, with a workshop coming up in January and some ideas I want to sift through and outline I find myself with an unusual single-minded focus there.

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I am grateful for that, since I tend to bounce around a lot of things in my noggin all at the same time. Generally they are on a theme, but they tend to be interdisciplinary. For example, I almost never have less than 3 books I am reading at one time. For some people, that might be challenging. For me, it is the intersection and collision of unique ideas that I enjoy.

I allow for sifting and sorting of what I’m learning to percolate through my consciousness. Sometimes this leads to interesting metaphors to describe concepts in new ways.

Thus, in honoring that focus, which obviously indicates some passion about my topic, I am keeping this short. I know better than to declare less frequency of writing here, though I have been able to take Tuesdays off reliably. I leave open the possibility of serendipity.

Cheers & have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Single-minded focus

  1. The first three are non-fiction and the last one is fiction. The Artists Way: a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity is awesome. It is a classic and has been around for a long time, but it is getting me to think a bit differently about my writing practice. I’m not a “blocked” artist as is the intended audience, but still some of the practices are really cool. 😉


    1. Not for me. Maybe it’s because I get bored easily. Right now I’m reading: The Artist’s Way, Drop the Ball, The Body Keeps the Score and A Street Cat Named Bob. At least one of those must be light fiction to help me get to sleep at night… 😉

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