On Tuesday I got a tour and tried out my first “co-working” space experience, at The Reserve in Roseville. It was a lovely space. This location just opened in October and they also have locations in Edina and Woodbury, two other suburbs in the Twin Cities.

These spaces seem to be popping up more and more. This is a sign of the future: more and more solopreneurs and small business owners with part-time needs for office space that is more sophisticated than a coffee shop. I was struck by how many offerings exist for networking within the membership here, and how willing the Member Services Manager is to connect people and their businesses to each other.

The Reserve
Photo of The Reserve from my desk “booth” for the afternoon

Another appealing feature is that membership plans are a month-to-month commitment so that avoids a long-term lease requirement. The location is excellent – right across from the Good Earth Restaurant, and close to the all-women’s Roseville Lifetime Fitness. There’s a UPS store a short walk from here, along with many retail options. Parking seems plentiful, and it is about a 15 minute drive from home. There is a nice “concierge” kind of feeling to the space in that guest can be escorted in by the receptionist for meetings, and I like the professional vibe.

There was no sales push or pressure to join, since I mentioned I am just getting started doing my research on these options.  I may need places where I could have 1:1 conversations with clients in a private environment, and this would definitely fill the bill.

Though I am not sure this option will work for me, it is exciting to feel like I am moving forward on gathering the information I need for this next phase of business-building.


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