Comfortable with uncertainty?

How comfortable are you when you do not yet know the eventual outcome of a particular decision or choice you have made in life? 

You know it was something you wanted to do, for multiple reasons, and yet it did not turn out exactly as you had planned. For some reason though, you trust that is is still the direction you are meant to follow, and that each bend in the road helps you master new a set of skills for the next part of the journey.

Unsettling for a while though, isn’t it? 

Especially when all of the advice you are getting leads you back to the place you left. It is well-meaning advice, but it simply does not satisfy the place in your heart that yearns for growth in a different direction.

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So you politely thank people for their advice, which may be based on their own fears about their situations more than an accurate assessment of yours. Then you continue doing what you know you must do, following the intuition that will lead you to the next right thing. It is not for the faint of heart, this uncertainty. And yet it can open us up to the types of growth we are meant to experience.

When the doors start to open and your path becomes more clear, you again begin to trust that inner compass. You know that you can choose to remain in your wholeness, and approach your life with presence and lightness every day. And all of these gifts and lessons travel with you to the next place where you will face new trials, and traverse new territory.

Uncertainty can feel uncomfortable. But ultimately knowing that you have the resourcefulness and resilience to meet the next challenge with grace, or at least with a willing and curious spirit, can make all the difference.

Keep your heart open to those moments of knowing, even when your inner critic starts voicing the doubts that others may speak openly. This is that nexus where your vulnerability joins with courage (thank you, Brené Brown). This is where the magic happens.



9 thoughts on “Comfortable with uncertainty?

  1. Thanks for this post. It really hit home for me. Last year I was working on a very old camper rv that I was hoping would bring some fun and adventure into my life. Everyone warned me it was way to old and why bother. It didn’t work out well and after sinking tons of money I gave up on it and sold it. I didn’t give up on my dream though of traveling and adventure. I just looked at the experience as an education in life and decided to not let it beat me down.

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    1. Dwight, that’s awesome. Maybe the vehicle itself was not part of the ultimate destiny but that spirit of traveling and adventure is clearly still alive!
      For me, my dream of self-employment didn’t work out as I had hoped (for now) but I will begin a new adventure in a new workplace as of June 10th, and I am excited for the challenges ahead.

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  2. Sometimes you need to give things time to discern what choices need to be made or not, and to see what the true outcome should be.

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