Sunday haiku – detritus (2 versus)


Detritus that needs taming

Gathered in corners.


KonMari says: Once.

But I know myself better.

Collections spread here.

I’ve managed to collect some clutter piles over the holiday season, and I intend to tackle them this weekend, since I find they are interfering with my energy flow. Maybe I didn’t successfully finish the “Kon Mari” work a couple of years ago, or maybe she doesn’t really address the habitual collecting that can be hard to defeat.


2 thoughts on “Sunday haiku – detritus (2 versus)

    1. Yes. I’m practicing my self-compassion today as I tackle this project that I’ve been putting off. It does feel great when it is tidy and clean! I remind myself that chaos is one of the laws of nature (2nd law of thermodynamics, I think) and not a personal failing on my part… 😂 I appreciate your comment and your encouragement. Happy Sunday to you too!


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