Sunday haiku – detritus (2 versus)


Detritus that needs taming

Gathered in corners.


KonMari says: Once.

But I know myself better.

Collections spread here.

I’ve managed to collect some clutter piles over the holiday season, and I intend to tackle them this weekend, since I find they are interfering with my energy flow. Maybe I didn’t successfully finish the “Kon Mari” work a couple of years ago, or maybe she doesn’t really address the habitual collecting that can be hard to defeat.


2 thoughts on “Sunday haiku – detritus (2 versus)

  1. We all have piles that look like that! Good luck with your decluttering. It does feel so much more peaceful to be tidy and clean. Happy Sunday!

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    1. Yes. I’m practicing my self-compassion today as I tackle this project that I’ve been putting off. It does feel great when it is tidy and clean! I remind myself that chaos is one of the laws of nature (2nd law of thermodynamics, I think) and not a personal failing on my part… 😂 I appreciate your comment and your encouragement. Happy Sunday to you too!


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