Phones for talking?

Do you remember the days when phones were just phones? 

Did you ever have to “wait in line” for the one phone line at home?

Rotary trim line phone (red)
I don’t think ours was red, but this was the style my family had when I was growing up.

When you were a teenager, maybe you use the phone upstairs, and the cord would get twisted while you had to make sure your younger sister wasn’t listening in on the downstairs line… ah those were the days.

I guess I’m dating myself here! But today I spent time on the phone with a few friends who called me. It was delightful to talk with them, not to bother with email, but to have actual conversations. We did not need any fancy software to talk, and hearing their voices really helped me feel connected.

We had time to talk, and we spoke about the different experiences we’d had since this virus situation started becoming part of the public health recommendations for self-quarantine.

I also had time to talk with my sister on the phone. She’s an R.N. and she’s making preparations in case she needs to self-quarantine after she treats sick patients in the hospital. Our parents are in their 70’s and she is thinking in advance about how to protect them by keeping her distance, though their county has not reported any cases yet.

There is a lost art to a good phone conversation. I prefer phone calls to video calls. I find that I take notice of the tone of voice more, and get less distracted by seeing my image (or someone else’s image) on a video screen. I am actually enjoying this part of our self-enforced exile. I find that when I focus on my gratitude, there is less room for fear and anxiety.

What helps you stay calm in the midst of uncertainty? Have you tried talking with friends on the phone lately?

11 thoughts on “Phones for talking?

  1. My situation is different, due to my deafness and cochlear implants.
    Phone calls are harder for me, but I’m still doing them. Checking in with family members.
    Lots of texting for me.
    I am 66! So yes, I grew up with one phone then 2 in the house!
    When I started teaching, there was one phone in the teacher’s lounge!

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  2. I’ve been calling many of my family members and checking on them and it has been nice. I remember back in the day we had what you’d call a party line. The concept was you and a few of your neighbors actually shared the same line. So you’d pick up the phone at your house and it was very possible there’d be a conversation already going on. Good times : )

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    1. I remember party lines! As recently as the early 90’s when my mother moved into a new (to her) place in rural northern ontario she had one – it was a great way to get to know the neighbours… 😂

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  3. I put soft music and read. Keeps me grounded, although I do stay informed. And when I shop, when few items are left I always keep in mind “leave for others.” So I only take one or two depending on what it is.

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