Sunday haiku – magic carpet

I love your mat, Mom.

It is a magic carpet

where you mellow out.

yoga magic carpet Willy
As you can see, my home yoga gear has cat fur on it for a reason… 😉


P.S. Join me for an online yoga class on Tuesdays or Thursdays! I’ll help you set up your own pet-optional yoga practice.

Sunday virtual yoga (re) treats coming soon to a Zoom call near you starting April 26! Details forthcoming in a future blog. 

5 thoughts on “Sunday haiku – magic carpet

    1. Yes, it very well could be. My cats tend to do the “restorative” long-held poses with various cat stretches in between. Every day they teach me that “good yoga” is what your body feels like doing in any given moment, and that going easier rather than harder is the true secret to mastery. 😺😎


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