Book title ideas – your feedback?

Hi Friends,

It has been some time since posted here. I hope y’all are well and are enjoying the return of Spring (for those in the northern hemisphere). I am excited that I have been making progress on drafting my first book. I am writing to help college educated bicultural Latina women own their strengths, gain confidence and release limiting beliefs so they can lead from a place of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Had to do this. Why not? Designing silly book covers is a lot more fun than editing the rough draft!

There are a lot of personal stories in the book. I am connecting some of the lessons of my experience while leading an international reseach division at a large medical device company, and also life lessons as a light skinned woman of Mexican descent. I am playing around with 3-5 working titles and subtitles. I wonder if you can take a look at the 3 below and let me know if any of them seem particularly catchy to you.

We Defy Definition – Thriving as a bicultural woman in pandemic era. 
White Mexican(a) – Out of the shadows and into the spotlight. 
Feminista in bureaucrazy – Leading in places that need you without losing your mind. 

This last one gets me to imagine a funny cover that gave me a giggle…

Many thanks in advance. It is vulnerable to put it out there that I am writing my first book. But I expect the WordPress crowd will be supportive.

Much love to you all and happy Spring!

2 thoughts on “Book title ideas – your feedback?

  1. Hi Cristy –

    Funny, I am also writing a book. The advice I’m getting is to identify, in uber-detail, your ideal reader (and do it before you get too far in the writing process). Not only will it impact your voice in the text, but your readers will find you with a Google search. What will they type in that will pull up your title? I like all 3 of your titles, but they look like they’re aimed at 3 different potential readers. Are you trying to appeal to all bi-cultural women, or specifically white Mexicans or feministas in bureacracy?

    Best to you on the writing journey!

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    1. Lorri, thanks so much for your feedback. What a great question! This actually speaks to the coaching and consulting practice that I launched in December, and the fact that I am still honing my niche. So you have very perceptively picked up on that. Thank you! My writing mentor likes the final title best… Not so sure.

      What is your book about? It’s always nice to be in a community of others with big writing projects as well! Hope your process is going well.


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