Dear WordPress – I hate your block editor

Dear WordPress,

I hate your new block editor “upgrade”! It’s one reason why I post less often here, have started a blog elsewhere, and why I’ve accidentally deleted paragraphs and had to frigging copy paste my text elsewhere and re-copy it back. I still haven’t posted an entry that would have taken me 10-20 minutes, but has now taken 45 minutes because I keep inadvertently deleting a whole paragraph instead of just selected words!

Argh! If I could figure out how to go back to the other editor, I would. It’s not a complex post, and it only has one uploaded image.

Are other people having this problem? I guess I always assume it’s me, because I’m impatient with technology most of the time. But it really seems to be SO much less user friendly than the way I used to post, and choose a photos, etc.

It may be time for me to have lunch, take a break from my computer and come back to the other post I started an hour ago before I got too frustrated…

Deep breathing usually helps.

4 thoughts on “Dear WordPress – I hate your block editor

  1. I agree completely.

    And now most of my themes (that I had purchased for a “lifetime” as they put it) has disappeared together with most of the interesting themes and been replaced by more or less useless themes that looks pretty much the same but they support the “site block editor”.

    I’m seriously looking for some alternative to wordpress now!

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  2. I am so with you on this! Microsoft and the WP block editor – the banes of my existence. But there is a way to keep using the “Classic Editor.” If you go to the All Posts page you will see by the “Add New” button there is a small arrow for a dropdown menu. There you can select the Classic Editor. Good luck on your book, BTW!

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