Resilience is Cyclical and Cumulative

Resilience is built over time and life cycles. It accumulates. This is one reason I appreciate working with mentors and wise coaches. They have been through a lot. We all have. Every challenge and devastation in our lives is a junction. Grief or trauma can feel unbearable at the time. When we get distance from whatever hurt us, we absorb the lessons. This is why I love coaching and mentoring. Inquiring from “one step away” can be such a powerful experience when someone is facing down their personal dragons.

What dragons are you facing? If you need support, please reach out.

Hope all is well in your world!

P.S. I am toying with a series or a challenge of posting 100-word stories, based on an article I read by Ran Walker in the September/October issue of Writer’s Digest. I struggle to write concisely, which is why hiring Kay Grey to be the editor for my book is an absolute lifesaver. Not sure if I’ll do it daily or weekly but the above is an example that I posted to my LinkedIn page. 100 words is about one paragraph. Enough to express an idea, but not so much that we ramble. A worthy challenge.

(There, I just did a second!)


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