The virtual book party

It seems fitting that yesterday, at the beginning of the Chinese New Year and the celebration of Imbolc (in the Celtic tradition) that my first dozen author copies of my book arrived to my home.

I decided that I wanted my books to “hang out” with other books I’ve enjoyed and authors I love. So while my little writing muse (Willy) was dressed in his tuxedo best, I created a display to celebrate.

Cat sitting in a display with book: Unleash, Unlearn, and Enliven and books by Brene Brown, Martha Beck, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Jenara Nerenberg and Katherine May

While I know I have a long way to go in my author journey, and I’m not at the level of the amazing authors sitting next to my book. But I also know they had to start somewhere, and so did I.

Taking time to celebrate this event felt like the right thing to do. So grateful I got serious in 2021 about getting this process started and finished.

What’s your next big goal? How do you plan to celebrate when you achieve it?

4 thoughts on “The virtual book party

  1. I’m starting as a tutor next week for the Childrens Literacy Center. I’m excited/nervous so I know I’m heading in the right direction and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It’s for 3 months 2 hours a week. I haven’t thought how I’m going to celebrate, but it’s a great question. 😊

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      1. Thank you so much. I still can’t quite believe I’m done, and truth be told, there are tiny little formatting issues I would love to fix/change. And I’m tempted to do so. But I also know I need to move on. Hubby tells me it’s time to find an income source, since we are far from being able to retire and I know he’s right. Now I feel emotionally ready to move on, given this soul-goal of mine has been completed.

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    1. Oh Dwight, I LOVE that. It sounds amazing, and I know you will benefit those kids so much. Good for you, taking on a new project and leaving the comfort zone. You definitely have to celebrate, regardless of how it goes. It will be a cool way to learn something new and benefit your community.

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