Making it up as we go

I have been experimenting with different titles on my Linked In page lately and the results are fascinating. Recently it occurred to me that "researcher" describes a lot of what I do best and still love to do - constantly learning and taking in new "data" while evaluating and coming up with theories about how … Continue reading Making it up as we go

What do you most want to learn?

It is said that we teach what we most want to learn. Research is "me search." One of the exercises I have tried while crafting my "offer" to my ideal clients is to consider the topics I most enjoy exploring through writing. By looking at my "tag cloud" or my category list, well-being and consciousness are … Continue reading What do you most want to learn?

Wellness Wednesday – healthy boundaries

It is Wellness Wednesday! The question for the day is this: Do you consciously set healthy boundaries in your life and work? I only recently started understanding what good boundaries are for me, and how to say a courteous "no" to certain requests when appropriate. We are wired for connection, and this means we often … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday – healthy boundaries