Making it up as we go

I have been experimenting with different titles on my Linked In page lately and the results are fascinating. Recently it occurred to me that "researcher" describes a lot of what I do best and still love to do - constantly learning and taking in new "data" while evaluating and coming up with theories about how … Continue reading Making it up as we go

Farewell, with gratitude

On Monday I learned of the passing of Earl Bakken, co-founder of Medtronic, and inventor of the first battery-powered, wearable pacemaker. I worked with Medtronic for 11+ years, and I got to see firsthand the commitment of so many people to the mission: to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. Earl had endless creativity … Continue reading Farewell, with gratitude

Saturday Share – Girls and their cats

Hello Reader Friends, This Saturday's blog share goes to GIRLS AND THEIR CATS. GATC is a photo series created by Brooklyn-based photographer BriAnne Wills as a way to showcase cat-owning women in a positive context. I love her beautiful photography and stories of professional women and their cats. If you are a cat-lover and/or just … Continue reading Saturday Share – Girls and their cats