Saturday Share – Winter wardrobe basic — Minimal-Lol

During the cold of winter, I’m usually a jeans and jumper kind of girl. But I’ve discovered that a dress/skirt with warm tights can be just as cosy. Yes, the winter dress has become a basic in my winter capsule. I used to think people who wore dresses in the winter were a bit mad […] … Continue reading Saturday Share – Winter wardrobe basic — Minimal-Lol

Saturday share on pause – debating the crazies

Hello Readers, This week's Saturday share is on hold because I feel there's bit an excess of "input" in my channels lately so I found myself with a bit of decision fatigue this morning about who to promote. Also, I engaged in a very unproductive and annoying debate online with someone who was trying to … Continue reading Saturday share on pause – debating the crazies

‘Tis the season to unsubscribe

'Tis the season when everyone in your email contacts or your subscriptions sends you a pitch for products, services, last-minute holiday gifts.  I understand it. I do. Why not get in on the frenzy while it is fully in play? Desperate shoppers click on a button and might wind up with a gift that they … Continue reading ‘Tis the season to unsubscribe