Good shoes – a mental health investment

This Sunday I got an itch to go for a run. It was at a time when I noticed myself going to the cupboard, believing I wanted to eat something. In reality, I was not hungry. I was avoiding the task of writing up my ice breaker speech for my Toastmasters meeting scheduled for this … Continue reading Good shoes – a mental health investment

Saturday Share – Creativity — EmotionalNotions

A mellow day, it’s freezing out! This will contribute to my being homebound. I think I’ll paint, or maybe write; I’ll think of you while music’s on. Regardless of the cold outside, my happy zone… all four above. © EN All Rights Reserved via Creativity — EmotionalNotions Happy Saturday, folks! It's going to be a cold … Continue reading Saturday Share – Creativity — EmotionalNotions

Wellness Wednesday – move toward Joy

What brings you joy?  This question can strike fear into the hearts of some people. If it has been some time since you experienced either spontaneous or cultivated joy, you may feel scarcity or grief. If you have been living someone else's idea of a "good life" but not your own, you probably feel a … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday – move toward Joy