Consulting & coaching

Does it seem to you that we are living in times that do not allow us to ever catch up?

Do you get frustrated when people try to pigeonhole you into a category or a role based on your past activities? 

I invite you to check out the online community, We Defy Definition

We provide individualized transition coaching for neuro-diverse women going through big relationship or career changes. Clients and community members are typically in their 40’s, college graduates with master’s degrees.

We may struggle with a.d.h.d.-like symptoms or feel as though it is difficult to focus. We have had some success in their lives, yet something remains out-of-reach. We may struggle with mindful eating during times when they feel anxious. We are looking for more than just a paycheck. We want to contribute their amazing gifts to the world the most meaningful way possible. And we are on the threshold of what might be possible for themselves.

To schedule time to talk with me about how we can address your challenges, please use this link. Hope to connect with you soon!