Consulting & coaching

Does it seem to you that we are living in times that do not allow us to ever catch up?

With a pandemic creating needs for remote work, and screen fatigue that contributes to burnout, we need to shape a new normal that helps employees take good care of themselves for the long haul.

I provide transition coaching for neuro-diverse women going through big relationship or career changes. My typical clients are in their 40’s, college graduates with master’s degrees. They work in business or educational settings, and they have had some success in their lives, but they know they can up-level their lives with the right support. They are looking for more than just a paycheck but a chance to contribute their amazing gifts to the world the most meaningful way possible.

I also provide consulting to organizations and departments on employee engagement, and leading resilient distributed teams that can respond to a future that will look quite different from the past.

For more information on my qualifications and background for this work, please see my Linked In page for details.