Hiya blog reader friends.

I am organizing a weekend retreat (probably in May of 2020). I have not nailed down the location yet, but I am scoping coastal locations in Mexico, or other retreat centers that would be reasonably priced.

I am visualizing a beach with a lovely resort and/or hotel with plenty of natural beauty. I plan to offer yoga, meditation, massage, and good self-care time. I would host inspiring speakers, active practice at leadership skills with trained facilitators and opportunities for networking.

Picture: 2.5 full days of time to work on your own goals, your self-development and time to practice your leadership skills and take your work to the next level. This will be a small group, only 12 people at maximum (selected by application) from a variety of fields and endeavors.

This retreat will likely be offered in a weekend format, starting at/after dinner on Friday (to allow for travel time and some rest) and ending after lunch on Sunday. Time enough to get back to work full of energy and ideas, but only having to take 1 day off from your “regular” job to invest in yourself.

I am gearing this toward women who are 39-48 years old, mostly mid-career or early professionals. The location chosen will be beautiful, relaxing and relatively affordable. If you choose to come in a few days early or stay a few more days to combine with a family vacation, that would be a real treat. We will look for group discounts on some fabulous activities so that you can have the opportunity for fun.

Please email me at if you have an interest in attending or to be added to my email invitation list. Comment below if you have suggestions on hotels or venues where you have stayed and can recommend.

Thank you!

Paraiso Hotel terrace
Breakfast terrace on Isla Holbox: Villas Paraiso del Mar

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