Awe and beauty

Hello Friends, This morning I had another intense moment of joy and awe while looking out my front window at the gorgeous sunrise. The photo does not do justice to the reality, but I will share it anyway. Yesterday marked my first year of meditating consecutively every day, sometimes as little as 5 minutes, sometimes … Continue reading Awe and beauty

Un-buffering your life

We are often taught that going "outside our comfort zone" is where the most growth happens. I believe this is true, to a large extent. Our human species evolved to seek comfort or pleasure and avoid pain. These impulses largely kept us alive, along with developing communities which could provide protection and safety in a … Continue reading Un-buffering your life

Weight and body awareness as a path to inner wisdom (part 2)

"How can I be expansive and free and still be loved? Am I going to be a lady or am I going to be fully human? Do I trust the unfolding and continue to grow, or do I shut all of this down so I fit?" -Glennon Doyle Melton (Love Warrior) I have always been … Continue reading Weight and body awareness as a path to inner wisdom (part 2)