Energy depletion or renewal

On Wednesday I had an interview for a technology company that I like, but in a retail environment that would be a different experiences for me. On paper, it seemed very exciting. I liked considering the advantages of this part-time opportunity. I believed it would allow me to ramp up my other efforts a little … Continue reading Energy depletion or renewal

Saturday Share – Lost and Found

Hi there, friends! It is time for Saturday Share and this time, I want to share an author and a mini book review. Geneen Roth may be familiar to some of you who have worked through food issues. I was *wowed* by her book, Women Food and God: an Unexpected Path to Almost Anything. It is about … Continue reading Saturday Share – Lost and Found

Break the internet

Break the internet: a campaign for net neutrality. Hello fellow internet-users, Today's post is a public service announcement for this issue. I read my daily post from Seth Godin and decided to join the cause. As a blogger myself, I appreciate the freedom to be able to post whatever I want on my platform and … Continue reading Break the internet