On the freedom of breaking streaks

Much of the literature on happiness and habits refers to building routines that work for us and support us every day toward achieving our goals. I like to have a daily routine, especially in the morning. The grounding and centering I achieve through regular routines of meditation and journal writing in the morning seems to … Continue reading On the freedom of breaking streaks

TBT – There is no “better” you

**This is an edited post from January 2018. It is a relevant reminder for the workshop I have coming up on the 27th.** I have noticed a lot of flyers in fitness centers and around bulletin boards that invite people to "become a better you." I really dislike this slogan. You are just fine the … Continue reading TBT – There is no “better” you

TBT – Go easy on yourself

Throwback Thursday - an edited post from December 2017 that feels timely.  This time of year can be difficult, especially for anyone dealing with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that may originate from the lack of light and lack of fresh air. Symptoms I experience can include anxiety, the blues, and changes in my mood or … Continue reading TBT – Go easy on yourself

Letter to my younger self

After my period of organizing journals yesterday, I opted to read through some few early ones. I was only 18 then, just graduated from high school and readying myself for college. I noticed a few things that made me sad for the young woman I was then. I had such intense body hatred and frequently … Continue reading Letter to my younger self

Wellness Wednesday: Avoid energy vampires

Happy Halloween! Today seems like the perfect day to cover the topic of energy vampires. When you first read the title, did you get an image in your mind of anyone in particular in your life? Or an activity that can feel like a "vampire" - sucking the life-blood or energy out of you? In … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Avoid energy vampires