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Travel haiku – 2 verses

Arrive: home country.

Struggle to be understood

Is over today.


Delta overnight

Skymiles baby, hubby says.

Vacation next week.



Sunday haiku – 2 verses for Buenos Aires

Oh, Buenos Aires.

At last I return again.

To receive your gifts.



Dog playing in Plaza Libertad, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  © mexi-minnesotana March 24, 2018. Copy with attribution to the author.

Dog splashing in pond.

Sun embracing us all now.

Blessings flow our way.




Sunday haiku for Spring – 3 verses


Spring time beckons, Love.

Rain storms instead of snow storms.

But Winter persists…





Minnesota, yeah.

Land of five months of winter.

Spring likes to tease us.



Still, like a lover.

We fall for her charms again.

And embrace her warmth.

Travel haiku – 2 verses

I travel to Guadalajara today, so time is short before I will complete my packing here in Mexico City and leave for the airport. But because I have an unbroken streak of posting every day since October, I really cannot resist at least a haiku, even if it is not Sunday.


Packing for a trip.

Why did I bring all this stuff?

Lightening the load.


Each time I travel

I learn, grow and change myself.

Good experience.



Holiday weekend haiku (2 verses)

Three days, my love. Ah!

I am ready for a break.

January blues.

Muerte con colores

Sculpture on Isla Holbox – taken on our trip September 2017. Copyright mexi-minnesotana. 

Mexico beckons.

Minnesota is TOO cold!

Be patient, darling.