Personal vs professional – erasing my border wall

I used to strive mightily to keep my personal and professional identities separate and somewhat walled off from each other. I realize now I did that out of fear, and related to a memory of a former boss using my personal life against me in my professional world. It caused me to contract and curl … Continue reading Personal vs professional – erasing my border wall

TBT: Feliz cumpleaños, Papa

It is my Dad's birthday today and so in his honor, I am posting an edited version of last year's tribute to him. My Dad's choice of vocation as a bilingual teacher fundamentally shaped the way I look at the world. His countless presentations to school boards on language learning and the value of bilingual … Continue reading TBT: Feliz cumpleaños, Papa

Awe and beauty

Hello Friends, This morning I had another intense moment of joy and awe while looking out my front window at the gorgeous sunrise. The photo does not do justice to the reality, but I will share it anyway. Yesterday marked my first year of meditating consecutively every day, sometimes as little as 5 minutes, sometimes … Continue reading Awe and beauty