Home sweet home

We returned from our motorcycling trip to South Dakota/Wyoming one day early because we were back in Minnesota and relatively close to home. We decided that sleeping in our own bed and seeing our kitties was a more important priority than getting the most out of our camping reservation at Sibley State Park. Someday we … Continue reading Home sweet home

‘Tis the season to unsubscribe

'Tis the season when everyone in your email contacts or your subscriptions sends you a pitch for products, services, last-minute holiday gifts.  I understand it. I do. Why not get in on the frenzy while it is fully in play? Desperate shoppers click on a button and might wind up with a gift that they … Continue reading ‘Tis the season to unsubscribe

Break the internet

Break the internet: a campaign for net neutrality. Hello fellow internet-users, Today's post is a public service announcement for this issue. I read my daily post from Seth Godin and decided to join the cause. As a blogger myself, I appreciate the freedom to be able to post whatever I want on my platform and … Continue reading Break the internet