Wellness Wednesday – watch your language

Do you ever notice what tone of voice you use with yourself when you make a mistake? We all talk to ourselves (it is part of the human condition) though some people are not aware of what language they are using. For example: you forgot to pick up your dry cleaning (again) and you wanted … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday – watch your language

Virtual vs in person meetings

Yesterday I arrived in Buenos Aires and attended meetings in the afternoon with a relatively new contractor who started with us in January to cover for the maternity leave of another employee. We started things off with a meeting at one of our clinical research sites, a well-known cardiovascular specialty center that is also a teaching … Continue reading Virtual vs in person meetings

“I Choose To” vs “I Have To”

Almost everything you do in a typical day is optional. Except breathing, that one is required. Even eating is optional. Humans have survived during millennia in periods when they have not had enough to eat, and had to spend multiple days (sometimes weeks, months) fasting. Not that I am advocating this, but if you wanted … Continue reading “I Choose To” vs “I Have To”