TBT – Go easy on yourself

Throwback Thursday - an edited post from December 2017 that feels timely.  This time of year can be difficult, especially for anyone dealing with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that may originate from the lack of light and lack of fresh air. Symptoms I experience can include anxiety, the blues, and changes in my mood or … Continue reading TBT – Go easy on yourself

Wasting paper and killing trees

I spent some time Tuesday morning listening to podcasts with writers. In the meantime, I dusted off the boxes in my office and decided to put some order to my journals. As some of you know, writing for me is somewhat a compulsion. It is a non-optional part of my daily practice. I hand write my … Continue reading Wasting paper and killing trees

Wellness Wednesday – What do you do when triggered?

I was not proud of my angry response to an inflammatory post from someone in my WordPress feed over the weekend. I was temporarily unable to step away and I got side-tracked from the intention I had for that morning. It made me want to fight, defend and debate. In reflecting on this phenomenon later, … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday – What do you do when triggered?

How Does Writing Help Us Heal?

via How Does Writing Help Us Heal? Okay, this blog is somewhat self-promoting, because Julie de Rohan mentions me in her post. But the topic is so relevant and I agree so strongly with the the concept that I want to share it with my readers as well. Julie is a psychotherapist in the U.K. … Continue reading How Does Writing Help Us Heal?