Saturday Share – Winter wardrobe basic — Minimal-Lol

During the cold of winter, I’m usually a jeans and jumper kind of girl. But I’ve discovered that a dress/skirt with warm tights can be just as cosy. Yes, the winter dress has become a basic in my winter capsule. I used to think people who wore dresses in the winter were a bit mad […] … Continue reading Saturday Share – Winter wardrobe basic — Minimal-Lol

My guilty pleasure – Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

I have a confession: last night I skipped a networking event so I could "treat" myself to an episode of the new show by Netflix, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. It was my second episode. I watched the first one on Monday night to reward myself for a lot of work accomplished that day. Marie Kondo … Continue reading My guilty pleasure – Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

TBT – Go easy on yourself

Throwback Thursday - an edited post from December 2017 that feels timely.  This time of year can be difficult, especially for anyone dealing with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that may originate from the lack of light and lack of fresh air. Symptoms I experience can include anxiety, the blues, and changes in my mood or … Continue reading TBT – Go easy on yourself

Wellness Wednesday: Avoid energy vampires

Happy Halloween! Today seems like the perfect day to cover the topic of energy vampires. When you first read the title, did you get an image in your mind of anyone in particular in your life? Or an activity that can feel like a "vampire" - sucking the life-blood or energy out of you? In … Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Avoid energy vampires

Saturday Share – Girls and their cats

Hello Reader Friends, This Saturday's blog share goes to GIRLS AND THEIR CATS. GATC is a photo series created by Brooklyn-based photographer BriAnne Wills as a way to showcase cat-owning women in a positive context. I love her beautiful photography and stories of professional women and their cats. If you are a cat-lover and/or just … Continue reading Saturday Share – Girls and their cats