Body Love Yoga

Do you struggle with loving your body and honoring its needs?

I can relate to that. Yoga has helped me immensely. And I know it can help you too! 

Every Tuesday from 7:30-8:15a.m. Central I offer a free short class called Body Love Yoga via Zoom. It is a mix of breath work, gentle soma yoga postures and flows, and meditation to wake and energize you for your work. Email me at to receive a link to the class. 

I also teach a monthly “Sunday (Re)treat” yoga class through Healing Within Acupuncture and Wellness from 9-10:30 on the final Sunday of the month. Sliding fees ensure you can give yourself some love at an affordable price. 

And my latest offering is on the edge of my comfort zone, a bilingual yoga class series for LatinX families called Yoga Familia. It starts January 10th!