Cristy (aka mexi-minnesotana) is a leadership coach, podcast host for Somatic Wisdom, and author of Unleash, Unlearn, and Enliven: Seven Micro-Practices to Engage Your Somatic Wisdom. In my free time she listens to far too many podcasts (usually while walking), and read ~20-30 books a year. She has made Minnesota (Twin Cities area) her home since 1998. Her dad was born in Mexico, and her mom is Minnesotan. She is a “pale Latina,” reflecting Swedish/Mexican/Cornish/Spanish/(and god knows what else) ancestry.

She was a clinical researcher for 11+ years, working for a large medical device company as an operations manager for an international clinical research team. Before that she worked for a University as a grant writer, and worked in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector.

Cristy and Clem with the Tower Bridge in London
photo with my hubby and me, taken in London September 2018

This blog is an attempt for her to make sense of my life, experiences, the world and to voice concerns of people who may not be heard. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments so we might have some dialogue on topics that matter.

Find Cristy on LinkedIn if you wish to send a personal message. I really appreciate your comments on my posts, and your time in reading.

Thank you for reading!

DisclaimerCristy writes about topics like weight loss, yoga and her own personal life journey, but it is not her intention to give personalized health advice. Please talk with your health practitioner(s) before implementing changes in your own life. 

Cristy also writes about mental health, career and educational journey. It is not her intention to provide counseling or specific advice in your situation. Please, if you need help see a trained therapist, counselor or physician. There is no shame in doing this and you deserve the support. Please do not wait if this is the case. 

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