Sunday haiku – milestone

Five hundred: milestone. Writing brings me joy and peace. I am so grateful. *** This haiku celebrates my 500 post (in ~18 months of blogging)! I am scaling back to a couple of posts per week in order to ramp up other writing projects. I am so grateful to WordPress and to this community … Continue reading Sunday haiku – milestone

Saturday Share – Winter wardrobe basic — Minimal-Lol

During the cold of winter, I’m usually a jeans and jumper kind of girl. But I’ve discovered that a dress/skirt with warm tights can be just as cosy. Yes, the winter dress has become a basic in my winter capsule. I used to think people who wore dresses in the winter were a bit mad […] … Continue reading Saturday Share – Winter wardrobe basic — Minimal-Lol

Dropping the illusion

It is Day of the Dead in Mexican tradition, and Samhain in the Celtic transition. How fascinating that separate cultures and traditions celebrate similar human experiences. It's also a bit amusing (or perhaps disturbing depending on your perspective) that religions tried to either co-opt or quash the celebrations. The Catholic Church tried to get people … Continue reading Dropping the illusion

Plummeting views – was it something I said?

Hiya WordPress peeps, It seems a bit strange but I noticed last week that my overall views of my blog plummeted rather precipitously and suddenly around August 11th after some steady climbing in the last few weeks. At first I did not take it too hard - people are on summer vacations, after all. They … Continue reading Plummeting views – was it something I said?