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Sunday haiku

Motorcyclists at the Needles

Hubby and myself on the Needles Highway near a phallic rock. Oh, why the heck not.


Sweet vacation ends.

Lovely unstructured time.

We will meet again.


Eye of the needle

Eye of the Needle – Taken from Hwy 87 (Custer State Park, South Dakota)




Motorcycle haiku – 2 verses

Is it possible?

To meditate on the Bike?

Yes, indeed it is.


Notice your Body.

Notice your Breath and your Thoughts.

Be here right now. Yes.





In the margins – haiku in 3 verses

My Love for this Man:

It sometimes Surprises me.

Never Imagined.


Calvin resting on Dad

Our l’il bonehead Calvin, resting on Dad in the evening. So comfortable and so spoiled, our beloved fur children.

In the Evenings.

Quietly resting with Cats.

He fills me with Calm.


All Over my Page.

And also in the Margins.

My Heart Overflows.


To you, mi Amor. On the eve of our vacation trip. I really look forward to our time together during our upcoming adventure.


Sunday haiku – 2 verses

Vacation gear check:

Saint Croix State Park overnight.

Adding to our List.

St Croix State Park base camp

Saint Croix State Park base camp. Our new tent, taken by hubby 6/2/2018


Next up: 12 day trip.

South Dakota. Wyoming.

Photos to follow.