Input fatigue

‘Tis the season for me. I can feel it. 

Countless emails in my inbox imploring me to get in on Cyber-Monday deals… that feeling of trying to filter it all out but feeling that it has clogged up my internal operating system somehow.

My plan is to give myself extra quiet time tonight, wind down early and allow for some rest from it all. My body and mind feel tired. What I have learned in my last couple of years is to honor that call for rest. 

The beautiful discovery about this rest, when I take it, is that I discover nothing falls apart when I take that time away. It is all still there when I return, though usually I have fresh perspective on it. 

How often do you turn everything off and allow for rest? What happens as a result?

5 thoughts on “Input fatigue

  1. Sometimes I take the better part of a day totally away from the internet. I enjoy the time away and don’t worry about what’s going on in “digital land.” I pay for it later in the day by having way too many (mostly unwanted) advertising emails to sift through, however, and find this to be somewhat stressful in itself. My new plan is to unsubscribe from several senders each day, but I’m not totally sure that they always heed my requests!

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    1. I am going to do another round of unsubscribing as well, Becky. You’re right, they don’t always honor that request but it’s worth a try. I really like to be offline for substantial parts of the day 6+ hours at a time. Sometimes I must confess I like to listen to a few podcasts and then I get drawn in by something interesting. So I have to set limits on that. It’s fun to learn new things and take in new ideas. But there is a limit for me, and then I have to allow for “percolation” and processing. Thanks for your comment – it’s a great reminder!

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