Dropping the illusion

It is Day of the Dead in Mexican tradition, and Samhain in the Celtic transition. How fascinating that separate cultures and traditions celebrate similar human experiences. It's also a bit amusing (or perhaps disturbing depending on your perspective) that religions tried to either co-opt or quash the celebrations. The Catholic Church tried to get people … Continue reading Dropping the illusion

How Does Writing Help Us Heal?

via How Does Writing Help Us Heal? Okay, this blog is somewhat self-promoting, because Julie de Rohan mentions me in her post. But the topic is so relevant and I agree so strongly with the the concept that I want to share it with my readers as well. Julie is a psychotherapist in the U.K. … Continue reading How Does Writing Help Us Heal?

Saturday Share – Angle Full of Grace

Hello and happy weekend! This Saturday's blog share is Angle Full of Grace, written by Kellie Knight. Kellie is a fellow Minnesotan located in the Northwest Angle of our state, a rather unique place that I must explore someday. She writes about life at the Angle, community, spirituality, wellness and gives s a lot of … Continue reading Saturday Share – Angle Full of Grace

Meaning in everyday life

Hello Readers! This month I was invited to participate as a guest writer in the "Making More Meaning" blog by Stephanie. I love her idea to invite several reflections from fellow bloggers on how we find meaning and I am honored to write on this topic. The minimalists have led the way in our understanding … Continue reading Meaning in everyday life