Plummeting views – was it something I said?

Hiya WordPress peeps,

It seems a bit strange but I noticed last week that my overall views of my blog plummeted rather precipitously and suddenly around August 11th after some steady climbing in the last few weeks. At first I did not take it too hard – people are on summer vacations, after all. They have important things to do, and since I write for myself, I did not worry about it.

Then I thought: is this related to the policy change on Facebook, where there is no longer auto-posting enabled for our blog posts?

Being the stats-oriented person that I am and curious about this change, I opted to do a little research on this issue. I looked as the “referrers” to the page and realized that the number coming from FB is actually quite a bit smaller than from WordPress.

Page stats for readership of meximinnesota blog

I also realize that when I am around more (and not traveling) I like to engage in more reading and commenting on others’ blogs. This is great for connecting with others with whom we share interests and passions. It also helps us discover new sources of knowledge and writers we respect.

I discovered that when I write short and concise pieces (less than 500 words), I get more views and likes. This is obviously related to our short attention spans and our expectation that blogs are short and to the point. It is part of this medium that we do not want to spend large amounts of time on any one “read.” I get that.

I know there are algorithms used by various sites in order to “serve up” content based on search terms and other sophisticated uses of SEO. So I am patiently deciding whether to put any thought into this, or just to let go. It may be that I discontinued the WordAds for a few weeks as an experiment. Maybe that affects view stats as well.

Seasons change, and priorities change. I love this medium for helping me hone the discipline to produce writing regularly, quickly and efficiently. And I love the connections I have made here and the community I have found. I shall let go of any “ego trip” around this blog and let it be what it is.

To those of you who comment regularly, thanks so much! You keep me motivated, and I am grateful for your support of my work.




11 thoughts on “Plummeting views – was it something I said?

  1. Honestly, I have found that my views and visitors stats tend to fluctuate from time to time for reasons I have yet to understand. I was gaining ground (mostly) until I was “discovered” on WordPress, when my stats when crazy high for a brief time. But most of those people only visited my blog for one or two times, and many didn’t read it at all. So now my figures are steadily declining. It is depressing now and then, but then I realized that the people who enjoy my blog and comment on my posts are still with me, and that ‘s all that matter. If a post we write speaks to just one person, then that is enough, I think. Keep blogging, keep engaging with other bloggers and don’t sweat the stats, is my advice!

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  2. Letting go of our attachment to results–that’s the hardest!
    Seriously though girl, I am right there with you. I’ve been blogging for a couple years now so it feels like I’ve been through it all (although I probably haven’t lol). People definitely read shorter pieces more which is something i have trouble with–I’m quite wordy! I think it’s what you say though, just keep going and putting your work out there. “Success” isn’t linear–neither is our understanding of what success is. Each day will be different–I think keeping going, as long as blogging still feels like something that serves you in a positive way, is is what you’ll really be able to hang your hat on at the end of the day.
    Always enjoy your posts! x
    ps–Wordpress has been absolutely no help in figuring out why you couldn’t comment on my post–bums me out a little. hope it doesn’t happen in the future!

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    1. Cat, thanks for your comment. I realize that I enjoy the writing and it gives me energy to create frequently. It’s also a little “portfolio” of sorts that I can draw from for future projects. I appreciate your encouragement, and I am happy about the special bonus of meeting people like you who are kindred spirits. Sometimes these platform algorithms are a bit wonky, and we can’t always control that. Best not to stress about what we can’t control, right? 😉

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  3. Hi Cristy, the plummeting views must have been a disappointment for you and I sometimes feel the same. But it was definitely not anything you said or wrote! I think all the factors you listed are valid regarding lower views in the summer and people on vacation etc. For what it’s worth, I love your blog, your insight, your mindset and your values and look forward to your posts. Keep on keeping on! Lxxx

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    1. Lorraine, it’s so kind of you to say this. I really appreciate your words. You are right. I will let go of my attachment to the results and just keep writing. I am re-listening to Liz Gilbert’s book, “Big Magic” and it is reminding me that devotion to our creativity is a gift. Regardless of the results, we should keep making things, because our creativity gives us energy. I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you again.

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